Thursday, 6 September 2012

P-Box continued

Crazy how fast time goes by ... I managed to get a kit bag (so exciting!!!) which means that I got semi-warm stuff I can wear on the ship from the Falklands to Rothera. And we also ordered our drysuits, warm undersuits and boating drysuits :) Should be here soon for trying on ... In the meanwhile I have found it extremely hard to find ski touring boats (I guess end of summer is not the best season for them :D). Might get some from a shop near Birmingham on Saturday (fingers crossed). Other than that I am making progress with my P-Box!

Annoyingly I had to unpack again as noone told me about the plastic bag beforehand that had to be put in to make sure the stuff inside doesn't get wet (just in case ...)

Just to show how big the box is (fortunately we do not have to travel in it ...).

Could even get some supplies in there ...

Slowly making progress filling the box. Need to be done by Monday!! Hopefully, I can add some skiing boots after the weekend and some more biscuit and chocolate supplies ...

That's it for now :)

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