Monday, 24 September 2012

Fieldcourse – rain, rain and ... rain
We left Monday morning for the fieldcourse after having Sunday off in minibuses. After arriving in Derby everyone was divided into groups of around 10 people with two instructors. We shared a big tent within these groups, although some decided to out their own tents up ... After lunch we learned how to light “Tilly lamps” and the stoves (they still look like the ones Scott has used). Both are used for producing light and heat when staying in a tent. And the stove can obviously also be used for cooking and melting snow. We were also talked through the climbing equipment for the next day.
In the evening a group of 4 people took up the challenge to make dinner which was tomato sauce with corn beef and noodles. Tasted really good considering the limited supplies we had (we struggled finding salt and pepper).
After breakfast the next morning, we went out into the field to practice our climbing skills which later when