Tuesday 26 February 2013


Last night I finally managed to climb down a crevasse. We went up the ramp after dinner and walked along the traverse for a bit. The anker was already set up from the day before. The ropes were quickly attached and the first person was lowered down. After lowering down, the rope system had to be changed over to a pulley system which aided getting the climber back up. With swinging ice axes, everyone made it back up. As it got later in the evening, the moon started coming up over the mountains (I could swear it looks bigger here in Antarctica than at home). When it was my turn to go down I managed to end up head first in the hole. However, I was not allowed to continue head first (what a shame, I am sure it would have been so much fun) ... It was absolutely beautiful down there. I can’t wait to go down into bigger ones where you can actually walk in. Climbing back out was good fun too. Luckily I practiced last week some ice climbing and managed to get back out, more or rather less graceful. Amazing evening, followed by one of the best night sleeps I have had in ages ;)

P.S.: Just click on the pictures to make them bigger!

Everyone is involved when people are lowered down and brought back up. A pully system is installed to make it easier.
View of the base. Nearly no snow left there ...

View into the bay with lots of icebergs floating around.
Being lowered into the crevasse. The picture is taken just after I was head first. (Photo: Tristan Biggs)

Inside the crevasse.

Pictures just don't capture it properly ...

View up from inside the crevasse. Amazing blue colours!

Coming back out with the help of ice axes and lots of people pulling! (Photo: Tristan Biggs)