Sunday 22 September 2013

Come Dine with Me

So – what else do we do to spend our time? In order for our chef (Issy) to have some days off during the week, we put our names down on a rota to take cooking in turns. Issy had the idea to make it a little more interesting and introduce for nights where we would be competing against each other in “Come Dine with Me” style (Das perfekte Dinner!). We were divided into 4 teams which cooked on different Saturdays. To make it fair, each team had a girl in it. The teams gave each other points for wow-factor, food and dining experience. The whole thing was pretty amazing as it made those Saturdays something different!

Team Mairi
Team Mairi had the difficult task to go first and they did a brilliant job, setting the bar every high for everyone else. They put a tent-like structure up in the dining room with low tables and sledges with soft sheepskins to sit on. Tilli lamps were used to light the tent up. The food was amazing (sort of Arabian style) and it was super comfi!

Team Brina
We were up next. Believe it or not, I did not suggest this! But the boys (good to have a plumber and electrician on the team) put together some pipes to hang above the dinner table where people could pour their own beer from (only having beer out of bottles made having beer from the tab quite special). So, of course, we had a German Beer festival evening with Laugenbretzel, Knoedel, roter Gruetze and more! Lots and lots of work but overall a fun night!

Photo: Tom Welsh
Photo: Tom Welsh
Photo: Someone from my group ...

Team Rose
Team Rose introduced the evening in a very special way. The boys had spent weeks digging out a snowcave which had seats and even a bar in it! After having our drinks, we went to the dining room which was decorated with frozen hands and had overall an icy atmosphere to it (just in the spirit of the evening – no, I don’t mean the mood, just the snowcave ;)). Food again, was amazing!

Photo: Steve

Team Amber
Last but not least, Team Amber did a French evening where despite being in Antarctica we were taken to Paris for one night with a view onto the Eifel Tower and exquisite food!

Apparently, the scores were very close, but of course there has to be a winner in the end which was Team Amber.