Sunday 10 March 2013

Weekend fun

Saturday 09/03/2013
In the morning we had Winterers training again. We learned all we needed to know about food hygiene, so we are able to cook for other people in the kitchen. We also strapped a stretcher to a sledge in case of an emergency. Last but not least we were introduced to the BA (Breathing Apparatus) kit so we can enter a smoky building and rescue casualties. Just like diving, but upright and the cylinder valves on the bottom rather than on the top. Bel and I searched for the casualties together which got filled with artificial smoke doing a little BA kit dance (moving arm and legs holding onto each other so we would not walk into anything and would not lose each other either). The casualty hid underneath stuff, so he had to move that we could actually find him! Fun morning was followed by a trip to Stork Bowl; an amazing place for skiing which is outside the recreational area. Where else can one go skiing with a view onto the sea! Best of all it was an absolutely dingel day (BAS term for beautifully blue sky)! The trip ended with us tumbling down the sides of Stork Bowl (on purpose and safely of course). The whole day was than rounded off with a 70s themed evening (amazing food, good costumes, good music and a drink or two).

Sunday 10/03/2013
View partially up Leonie
before it clouded over.
Lagoon with the hut on the left
and Leonie in the background.
Fortunately, the weather was dingel again and we left early-ish for Leonie (one of the islands within the boating limit). One group got dropped off on the snow slope side and walked up to the peak, whereas we climbed the rocky side. The hardest bit for me was the sleety bit in the beginning and on the top (I guess the slight hangover did not help either), but climbing the actual pitches was amazing. By the time we got to the top, clouds surrounded the summit and we weren’t actually able to see anything. However, the way up was amazing, especially as the rock got warmed up by the sun and we did not have to wear any gloves. Late afternoon, we got picked up again by the boat and went to Lagoon (another small island with a hut on). 6 of us (Bel – Marine Biologist, Mairi – former Marine Assistant, Tim – former Boating Officer, Scott – former Field Assistant, Malcy – Field Assistant) stayed there over night. We slept outside for the whole night. After searching for mites the next morning, we returned to base.
Inside the hut.