Friday 11 July 2014

Crazy Golf

What other craziness do we get up to during the winter? Seeing as we cannot just go to the next bowling alley, options are slightly more limited in the evenings and during bad weather day. So it was time again to hold the annual crazy gold championships! Last year, the committee decided that it was a good idea to do 18 holes with 18 people. However, the time needed for this was not taken into account and an epic journey of around about 8 hours consumed quite a bit of time … and nerves. Hence, this year it was decided to settle for 8 holes “sigh of relief”. So, people buddied up and created crazy golf holes together which the rest of base as well as themselves had to conquer. On top of this we had to make our own golf clubs - unfortunately, the corner shop down here does not stock them … Some of us planned their obstacle course well in time and prepared it early enough. Others did leave it to last minute and were nearly thrown by the all consuming digging activity that emerged during lunchtime on the very same Friday: during a refuelling attempt (our buildings get powered by the generators but the heating requires weekly refills of fuel) of the Bonner the deep snow had trapped the vehicle and it took all of us around 2 hours to dig out - saved all of us from a session in the gym which we were definitely planning on (not). However, everyone still managed to prepare the crazy golf holes in time and it was possible to pursue the game. Good evening with good fun!
Hole 1: Boatshed. From one boat to another, down the black tubing and into the hole!

Hole 2: The Bonner Lab. Through a Nisking, some pipes, through the suctions sample, across a half pipe into the hole which was a bucket filled with water - couldn't have the Bonner hole without water! Luckily, Chris proved that it could be done in 3 hits - others were not quite as lucky.

Hole 3: Fuchs. Starting in the sowing loft, into a little tin box which than drops. Across a water hazard, into the hole.

Hole 4: Fuchs again. Some managed to get the ball straight through the poo bucket lid into the funnel at the end, others needed more hits.

Hole 5: Old Bransfield. The doctor got involved! Through a cast, with the ramp over a water hazard, through a very thin pipe and than through the wind mill (which had turning blades).

 Hole 6: The garage. We are again starting in a loft, getting the ball down through a pipe, from the left to the right side, through the bottom of the desk which was slightly more difficult as a rotating doll was kind of distracting, into the hole.

Hole 7: The Generator Shed. Through a pipe again from an elevated platform, around the corner, up a ramp, through the tyre, and into the hole!

Last but not least. Hole 8: The Kitchen. With tins, cornflakes and some baking. Through the start, around the jam, avoiding the water or Nido obstacles, into the slightly elevated hole!

Just to show the array of clubs used: something that looks more like a hammer, compared to a carefully crafted club. The devil's trident used by other members of the team has not been displayed ;)