Thursday, 30 August 2012


Second day gone already and it has been full of excitment. including me getting totally lost in the building. so far I have seen a lot, read the handbook (remembered maybe a third of what is in it), got even more excited, saw some of the kit I will be playing around with down south and most importantly I got my box today which I have to pack until mid next week. It doesnot only look big, it is HUGE. I can easily fit in it including food supplies for the journey. But no worries, that is not how they deploy us ;) Just curious what you guys would not be able to live without for a year???


  1. Paracetamol... When I left for the Maldives (for what I thought was a year) I bought about £20 worth of the stuff as well as various other medications that, while you might not need them, make life liveable if you do get sick! Lots of films, music and books (on a kindle) and most of all my fins. Would hate being away for a year without my proper fins.

    Saying all that, if I had to take only one item it would be my ipad :p

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  3. :D That's cool. dvds are already in there although the collection down there is pretty amazing apparently so probably won't even need most of them. paracetamol is not allowed to go in there I think so it will go in my personal luggage. music is on my laptop and a kindle is going to come or an Ipad ... haven't decided yet. do you read on your ipad?