Thursday, 1 November 2012

Powerboating Course

One of the boats we drove
(the smaller one ...)!
And now it’s finally time for the last course: boating in Poole. We were put through the Powerboat Level 2 and the Advanced Powerboating Course. A bit of theory and lots of practice as it were only 2 of us with the instructor. The hotel room I stayed in was absolutely massive (I have never lived in such a big room before). The best day was the second last day when we took the bigger RIB out and were planning on driving a route which we had planned the day before. After heading out for about 20 minutes, I was quite glad when the instructor finally called it off due to the swell (my legs were shaking and we were completely soaked through). Nevertheless, it was good fun and perfect practice (easy peasy driving a boat in calm conditions ...). 
Practising on the small boat!
I was about as soaked as these M&Ms.
On the last day, we took the RIB out and afterwards I was allowed to demonstrate how the lifejacket work. That meant, being tied onto a rope, wearing my drysuit and a lifejacket and jumping off the boat. After the lifejacket inflated I turned myself onto my front. After a moment or so I realised that the lifejacket does NOT turn me back on my front as promised ... Lesson learned: drysuit with lifejacket together do not safe you from drowning!
Good couple of days and now ready to go off to Antarctica! Just about 4 weeks left in Cambridge, 2 weeks pre-embarkation leave and I will be on my way. Although, I am still convinced, that someone is going to turn around and let me know that it was all just some kind of joke! <(“)
Trying the lifejacket
And it clearly does not turn me
on my front ...

And my theory revision on the whiteboard. Might have gotten a little carried away but it was good fun. Don't get though why the instructor kept calling nuts!

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