Thursday, 18 October 2012

Lorry Loader Course

Driving the Nodwell.
Going for a walk with the
"want to be boat"
Right, so after doing a chainsaw course, which sounds funny enough, we now also got to do a lorry loader course. Yes, I can assure you guys, I do have a marine biology related job and am going to Antarctica... So, chainsaw for making holes into the ice! However, during the summer we have to be able to get the boats into the water! As there is no proper slipway, but a wharf, we can use a crane to launch the boats over the side of the wharf. Hence, the lorry loader course as they use pretty much the same crane. We had 3 days with an instructor to get us trained up on the crane. This meant repeatedly doing the same tasks over and over again including giving each other’s signals, setting up the crane and moving a small trailer which we pretended was the boat. It was all good fun but a bit embarrassing as I needed help putting the heavy legs up from the crane which is going to be put down as a note on my crane license...  Lots and lots of practice and I hope I won’t have forgotten too much by the time I get to Rothera.

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