Saturday, 20 April 2013

Winter Trip No 1 – Saturday

On the way up.
(Photo: Malcy)
(Photo: Malcy)
In the morning we took the camp down which took a couple of hours and was quite exhausting. We got back to the caboose at around 1pm and had a bowl of soup to warm up. Afterwards we went to do a little climb on Vals (that is where we usually go skiing on weekends and in the summer on evenings as well). It was mixed climbing (snow, ice and rock) which was really good fun in retrospect (type 2 fun – not much fun at the time but definitely when you look back at it). I was absolutely exhausted at the time but am glad that I did it. We got home around 5pm (it was quite a weird feeling when I finally saw the base again when we driving along the traverse: Rothera is the place where I sleep, eat, work, spend my free time and have fun but until now I had not realised that I happily call it home J ). Hello shower! I did miss you a little. Roll on next winter trip!

Home sweet home!

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