Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Winter Trip No 1 – Wednesday

Yummie homemade dessert.
And that's what inside the tent looks like.
Tent burried in snow.

So, what happened today? I finally peed like a man (standing up and outside instead of in the poo tent into a bottle) and brushed my teeth looking at the Milky Way.
Other than that we had an all die lie up. I took measurements for Rose (our doctor) who is doing a project on CO levels in the blood when the stoves are on (also measuring wind conditions, what is being done with the stove – ie. melting ice for water or cooking or frying, temperature and whether the tent door is open or not).

Tent in the night.

We played chess (I lost – grumble), I read my book and Steve and Tom came

Tilly lamp deicing the inside of the tent.

over for dinner (Spaetzle with cheese sauce and meatballs). We rounded the evening off with homemade strawberry ice cream (Strawberry Angle Delight + condensed milk + snow + chocolate bits from a bar of chocolate). YUMMIE!
Cheese talked to us on scheds this night and told us that the weather was looking much better for the next day. Better have an early night than!

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