Tuesday 7 April 2015

Falkland Islands (07/04/15 - 11/04/15)

Back in the real world - well as real as one can call the Falkland Islands I guess. It is quite weird walking on concrete and grass again! And the legs hurt after half a day of walking, but I will just have to get used to it again.
We tried to organise some diving but the Falkland Islands does not have a diving centre or anything like it. A contact tried to organise some kit for us but only got some snorkelling gear together which was still absolutely amazing. We went to Surf Bay and in the beginning it was just great to be in the water. We had to share 2 pairs of fins, for masks and 2 snorkels between 4 of us which was good fun. We went out to the kelp (kelp!!!! yay :)) and along the rocks. However, there were a lot of waves which was stirring up all the sand and we could not actually see much. However, we than find a massive rock pool which was sheltered from most of the waves (apart from the bigger ones which still spilled in) and the amount of stuff we saw was absolutely amazing!
Ali enjoying the rock pool!
Massive limpet grazing
A chiton :) They were massive too - and pretty :)
In the evening we had a nice sophisticated meal in Malvinas. The day after we got picked up (with a slight hangover) to go to Volunteer Point to see the King penguins. I was in heaven despite the wind and rain. Absolutely soaked, but happy the driver took as back again. The drive took about 2 1/2 hours each way. Only 1 hour was on real road though - the rest was off road through fields. We got stuck once and the other 4x4 had to tow us out - this means we had the real experience.
All sophisticated!

Everyone left on Friday to return to the UK (apart from Nick who is also flying to Punta Arenas on Saturday). I finally managed to go to the swimming pool and had an amazing swim that will probably make my legs hurt. Saturday was the most beautiful weather - calm and sunny. The land scape and type of houses remind me a lot of Norway - just without the mountains. Apparently, this happens about twice a year - what a send off! But now I am finally entering South America!

Bye bye Falkland Islands!
Hello South America!

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