Friday, 14 December 2012

Falkland Islands

Me trying on that immersion suit. People
only knew me for a souple of hours and were
already keen to get my mouth covered up ...
We arrived Thursday evening on the JCR and other than a late dinner, a few drinks at the bar and a good night sleep, nothing else was planned. As people were supposed to leave the ship on Friday morning, we had to share cabins which were crowded but no problem. On Friday morning (14/12/12) we all met up to go through the safety briefing (how to behave on the ship in general and what to do in an emergency – mustering, bringing and putting on the survival suit and buoyancy aid and finally getting into the lifeboats). I was the only one, who had not travelled on a research vessel before so I was the lucky one to demonstrate how to put the survival suit on! Good fun though ;)
Magellanic Penguin hiding.
After lunch 5 of us ventured outside to walk around for a bit. And it was finally time for me to see real-life wild penguins!!!! People who know me will probably be able to picture my excitement. Not constantly jumping up and down was pure self-restraint. I of course took 1000s of pictures. By the time we got back I was absolutely tired and it was soon time for dinner. Tomorrow we would leave the Falklands and the journey to Antarctica would carry on. I was hoping that the Drake’s passage would be kind to us as I had no idea whether I would get seasick or not.
lonely Gentoo Penguin
and my first penguin :)
The JCR! (nooo, just kidding)

Lots and lots and lots of
Magellanic Penguins <(")

Finally, the JCR ;)

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