Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Flight

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved penguins. One day she decided it was finally time that she saw them for real in their natural habitat and so she packed all her stuff, became a scientist and went off to Antarctica to go on an incredible adventure...” (Sarah Brand)

One of many meals.
And it had Leberwurst!!
The last palm trees I am
going to see in quite a while.
Yes, so here I am, the flight was actually due to take off with just a little bit of delay. About 16 hours flight in total with a stop on the Ascension Islands. Halfway through, I realised that it was the first time that I crossed the equator. So we went from snowy UK over really warm Ascension Islands to autumn like Falkland Islands which would soon be followed by icy Antarctica. The flight was good but very loooong. One of the highlights certainly were the Ipads we were handed which had
The cage which we were kept in whilst they
sorted out the plane on the Ascension Islands.
Our welcome committee on the Falklands.
movies on them to watch! Until I looked at my picture I totally forgot the best thing!! When we got close to the Falkland Islands, we got greeted by military planes (unfortunately, I am not sure what you call them). The accompanied us for a bit before we landed (this is standard practice). After we arrived, we had to collect our luggage from a Hangar where it got all lined up. A bus picked all folk up going to Stanley which we joined as well. They dropped us off just by the ship! It was beginning to get more and more real! I don’t think BAS was joking when they said they would send me to Antarctica ...

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