Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Sunday (16/12/12) to Tuesday (18/12/2012)

Sunday to Tuesday was relatively unspectacular except of course for the occasional wildlife sightings and the fact of being on a ship on the way to Antarctica. The days went by much quicker than I expected. Breakfast in the morning would include a fry up (if wanted) or cereals, lunch was a 3-course meal (soup, main and desert) as was dinner (starter, main and desert). All the meals had 2 options for the main course of course ... They basically tried their best in feeding us up and succeeded! On the 16th we deployed some scientific gear which is being put in every two years to provide data more or less continuously. On the 18th I saw my first icebergs and we shortly stopped at a station where we dropped some stuff off (only a couple of people were able to go)! I will just put some pictures of the ship into this post so folk can get a better idea what it was like.
one of my first whale sightings! Now I believe in them :)

Iceberg and the first time I have seen Antarctica!

More beautiful views ... Oh wait, those black dots are penguins! lots and lots of penguins!

Scientific gear being deployed.

View from the bridge.

View from the bow.

Starboard side of the ship.

I forgot what this room was called but I guess it is one of the science rooms with lots of computers and desk space.

The computer room with 3 freely accessible computers.

One of many corridors on which I repeatedly got lost.

The dining room.

Everyone had a personal napkin!

Door to my cabin (the one on the right).

Monkey island on top of the bridge, only rule: do not run or jump. Easier said than done when there are so many penguins around!

The base we visited.

Library/conference room with wireless access.

Bar/sitting area.

And the bar. Good job British ships are not dry like the American ones ;)

And the bridge which we were allowed on unless they were super busy.

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