Friday, 23 August 2013

Winter Trip No 2 - Friday

On the way back near the pass, the other
two out on their trip are climbing a new route.

The weather is supposed to get quite bad in the next couple of days so we had to leave today. We got up, had manfood for breakfast (all-day breakfast) and de-camped afterwards (took the camp down and packed everything onto the sledges). Then we drove back. On the way, Steve placed new flags to mark the way through the pass as the old ones were getting quite buried. Other than that stupid me lost the GPS on the way (I was concentrating too much on staying

Steve putting new flags out in the pass.

the right distance to the sledge in front of me so the line would not get pulled by me... oh well, shit happens). Driving up on the other side of the pass was quite exciting as we had to get enough speed to be able to tow the sledges up which was quite a bit faster than we usually drive!
On the way we stopped at Orca crevasse as I had not been in it yet. However, we were not able to get very far as the roof had dropped quite a bit and it was not safe to venture into it anymore. It was still pretty impressive.
We got back home later in the afternoon. What a week! We were so lucky with the weather. No days of lie up is pretty rare. And on top of that we had hardly any wind and cloud either! 

Me on the skidoo. (Photo: Steve)

Photo: Steve

Scrambling down the crevasse. (Photo: Steve)

Scrambling out of the crevasse.
Rather less elegant, but I got out. (Photo: Steve)

View from the top of the crevasse.

View from the top of the crevasse.

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