Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Winter Trip No 2 - Tuesday

During the night, the temperatures inside the tent got down to -15 degrees which seems bloody freezing. The sleeping bags however where really warm and it might be interesting to know that wearing less inside them is more. So instead of putting lots of layers on, just thermals is enough as the body needs to be able to heat up the sleeping bag itself. Only the head sticking out got cold. This meant that I buried it instead inside the sleeping bag (whilst asleep) which lead to me repeatedly waking up and needing to get some fresh air from outside the sleeping bag. Additionally, when I woke up I nearly strangled myself with the cords which tighten the head bit as I somehow managed to tangle them around my neck. Sleeping in a tent in Antarctica is far more life threatening in so many more ways than I expected... But, I survived.

Today, I woke up a little late (around 10am), so we left later than expected. Hence, we went to climb the Myth (1235m) which was only a short drive away and just behind the Mythical Monster. The

Cuddled up with the teddybear,
ready to go to sleep
(Photo: Steve)

way up was good fun and it was really nice and sunny. The only thing is that I realised just how unfit I was. However, the scary bits were a bare minimum. Coming down was a totally different story. I had forgotten how scared I am walking down the hill... But hej, even though it was type 2 fun (not fun at the time, but in retrospect), I managed to pull through thanks to Steve and we made it back to the tent, exhausted but in one piece. The sunset was absolutely stunning!

We spoke to Mike (our base commander) on scheds. The weather for tomorrow is looking amazing again. For dinner we had mushroom Risotto and menfood (beans and chicken sausages in tomato sauce).

(Photo: Steve)

(Photo: Steve)

Happy and on the summit! (Photo: Steve)

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